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000 - Earlier Experiences Seabourn


11 files, last one added on Dec 03, 2015
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Eric Neil Emperio Trust Fund


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Seabourn Odyssey 2008-2009


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Seabourn Pride


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Seabourn Spirit 2009 Dry-Dock


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Seabourn Sojourn


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Memorable Seabourn meetings


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2013 Seabourn Quest Cruising the World on Youtube


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2014 - 11 16 - 28Nov Almere, Netherlands


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2016 08 20Aug-11Sep Dov to Mon


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2016 01 12Jan-03Feb BAires Valparaiso


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2015 12 20Dec 12Jan Valp. to BA


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2015 11 29Nov to 20Dec Buenos A to Valparaiso


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2015 - 09 01 - 21Sep Montr- Montreal


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2015 08 08Aug - 01Sep CPH to Montreal


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Random files - At Work (at sea)
29k - 15nov Atl Ocean298 viewsLuca and his Legendary Team available for a quick photoshoot. Wishing ALL a happy cruise and sending wishes worldwide to all friends and family members.
3 - 19i - 19Mar Laem Chabang, Bangkon, Thailand193 viewsSome pallets added to the forks to avoid damage to the gangway when lifting it up - in order to place the pallets underneath....
14i - At Sea1457 viewsHappy stowaway here on our first seaday from Hong Kong.... look at that Big tummy! Love the happy face there :o))
11e - 11Jan Kralendijk, Bonaire356 viewsThe island is famous for it's more than 10000 Flamingos.
17a - 17Feb - Ats Sea - underway to Bangkok, Thailand164 viewsVery Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen - looks to be another fine day - Customs just cleared the ship while underway, returning in that small boat you see there - 2 more hours to Bangkok -
10 20/21 July At Sea507 viewsTime to work a little bit on the Dried Fish I bought in Svolvær, Norway. I got it sent by a local ferry (free of charge) to the ship while at anchor outside Trollfjord! :) No votes?? :( It's soooooo yammy! :)
22b - 22Jan Saigon River, Vietnam107 views- These ones are a little "trouble-some" meeting.. covering half of the river.. - anyhow, we make a safe move whatsoever :o)
27h - 12nov At Sea153 viewsVery Good morning Ladies & Gentlemen. Looks like the system is passing us - as we speak.... could be a very nice day out here - morning hours clouds possible - our day #2 on our Atlantic x-ing. Have a very nice day all.
16e - 27Dec Saigon river173 viewsClosing up to pier area in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) - that's called FULLY loaded.....
18dec2 (11)bw.jpg
15 - 18dec Dept Ft. L162 viewsThank you ALL on the upper decks for sharing the "noice" and fun!
19c - 01Aug Split, Croatia314 viewsOur ships agent offered to take me QUICKLY to a lookout point where I could make a possible panorama image of the town including Seabourn Spirit. No wonder we're leaning in the curves... :) Photographer here was our Staff Captain Kai - great job Kai! - Beautiful day too!
29b - 29Jan Cai Lan, Vietnam198 viewsHere we are - alongside a regular Cargo pier - they cleaned it up pretty good for us, please enjoy your stay and the tours -

Last additions - At Work (at sea)
08f - 20Aug Dover, England273 viewsTo be safely alongside today - I got a tugboat giving us some assistance while alongside. Aug 20, 2016
08e - 20Aug Dover, England259 viewsNow we're talking 50+ knots.... Aug 20, 2016
08d - 20Aug Dover, England219 viewsGetting windier here..... at least 45 knots out there...Aug 20, 2016
08c - 20Aug Dover, England225 viewsBeautiful view down west of the English Channel.Aug 20, 2016
08b - 20Aug Dover, England231 viewsThe white rocks at Dover.Aug 20, 2016
08a - 20Aug Dover, England783 viewsVery good morning ladies and Gentlemen - welcome to Dover and Your Seabourn Quest. Beautiful day - some wind included..Aug 20, 2016
11l - 23Jan Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica279 viewsOn the way back to the ship we passed this nice peak of an ice-berg. A DAY to Remember! I'm positive - Best day of our cruise! +5deg C/ 43F. WOW! :)Feb 01, 2016
11k - 23Jan Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica249 views Then we found a small group of Shags birds on a cliff side with chicks - here another nest with slightly older chicks.Feb 01, 2016
11j - 23Jan Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica240 views Then we found a small group of Shags birds on a cliff side with chicks = photo-oportunities..... - Just a fabulous day!Feb 01, 2016
11i - 23Jan Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica232 viewshere - left ashore (been here for at least 70 years..) - two boats used for water collecting and delivery to the whaling ships.Feb 01, 2016
11h - 23Jan Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica254 viewsHere seen through the porthole of Guvernøren - still the anchor-chain in place. 100 years ago this year that she burnt and was grounded here due to big fire onboard. Feb 01, 2016
11g - 23Jan Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica254 viewsWe had to include the old Norwegian Whale Factory ship SS. Guvernøren on our kayak tour (of course).Feb 01, 2016